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How i Died

Jul 10, 2019

Jon Spacer is new to Springfield, and is confronted with a case he's not so sure he can handle on his own - a woman found dead with her husband and child missing. 

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How I Died is an Audiohm Media original production, co-starring Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer and Shaina Waring as Sheriff Fran Crowley. This episode featured amazing guest performances by Melissa Sheldon as Maggie Lane, and Mike Lynch as the grumpy deputy. Audio editing and sound design was done by Vince Dajani with mastering done by Alexander Mark. Sound effects and foley provided by or created in house at Audiohm media. The How I Died theme song was created by Mike Lynch at Thank you again for listening, and until next episode: Try not to die. Transcript available here: